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    Today's Patch Note (20 March)


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    Today's Patch Note (20 March)

    Post by Cypher on Fri Mar 20, 2015 10:14 am

    Below is the list for today's server patch.

    1. Fixed unable to buy and learn new morph design and crafting design. New design can now be purchased and learn.
    2. Fixed Missing loot on Blackbeak Airon
    3. Some quest fixed
    4. Finished Updating all Levels of Krotan/Miren/Kysis Fortress NPC's to 65
    5. some completions
    6. Fixed missing records (Aethertech class) in the quest permissions
    7. AnOminousCrop quest fixed
    8. Fixed walker id
    9. ALL NPCs at Krotan, Kysis, and Miren are swapped out with their Level 65 counterparts during PEACE TIMES
    10. Fixed missing spawn.

    Stay tune for more updates!

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