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    Today's Patch Note (22 March)


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    Today's Patch Note (22 March)

    Post by Cypher on Sun Mar 22, 2015 9:02 pm

    Below is the list for today's server patch.

    1. Implementing new (curency) Loyalty Point system (Still testing. Will added special shops for Loyalty point once it is complete)
    2. Fixed Npc Tofynir 802046, Landver 802047 for Rider Quests
    3. several spawn and dropfix fixes
    4. Updated Items (Wallarm's Mask, Charger's Mask)
    5. Added <Wallarm's Mask> to the <Kaidan Wallarm> , <Crack Kaidan Wallarm>
    6. Added <Charger's Mask> to the <Crack Kaidan Charger> and the <Kaidan Charge>
    7. Fixed Quest AshesToAshes
    8. Update MaxHP Stat
    9. Fixed Show Brand on Target when you are in Group
    10. Fixed Tuning Items that cuz Client-Crash after Right-Click
    11. Fixed npcs stats and dialogue.
    12. Added Checking HasTune for tuning your equipment before Socketing Idian
    13. Update Siege NPCs in Kysis/Miren/Krotan/Wealhtheow
    14. Further updated levels of fortress NPCs within Krotan, Kysis, and Miren
    15. Created HP structure for Upper Abyss fortress
    16. Updated Level from 55 to 65 of all NPCs that occupy Wealhtheow Fortress (in Kaldor)

    Stay tune for more updates!

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