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Today's Update (17 April)

on Fri 17 Apr 2015, 9:37 pm
Below is the list for today's server patch (updated to Rev - 524).

1. Fixed disconnect from server
2. Fixed Balaur Gold Storage Chest npc for Fortuneer weekly quest.
3. Update Stats (Like retail)
4. Fixed The Eternal Bastion Entrance Elyos
5. Fixed NPC Walker bug
6. Fixed some NPCs in Pernon
7. Fixed some quests
8. Updated Danaria spawns
  a. Updated entries, locations, and added spawns for several NPCs.
  b. Teleport devices added are mainly Elyos at the moment.
9. Fixed AI Executioner Penemon - Idian Depths
10. repair of transcribed data
11. Purchase: sell Abyss Gear to AP
12. Fixed Danuar Reliquary instance (npc, ai, instance)
13. Fixed Linkgate Foundry instance (unuseable Linkgate Foundry Supply Chest and unuseable Scroll Bundle (Linkgate Foundry))
14. Adding Sold Out Items
    (People weren't be able to buy Sold Out Items anymore, if they bought already one or sale limit reached)
15. Levinshor Ancient Monsters (Summoned from the Vocoliths) are updated to Level 65 and HP risen from 35k to 150k (being these are
    slayed from a Hero Quest)
16. Level Fix on NPC
17. HP/Stat Updates (Main Hand Attack,Main Hand Accuracy, Accuracy) to Ancient Monsters summoned in Levinshor
18. Levinshor
    Updated Outpost NPC's (Guardian Elite, Archon Elite, Sheban Elite, Warcaptains, and Subjugators) from Level 55 to Level 65. Updated     their HP as well
19. Fixed bug <Amplification Tool> in tradlist
20. Added missing buy lists for sellers in Reshanta. Adjusted absurdly high prices
21. Fixed Linkgate Foundry instance (unable to go to the boss room)
22. Added custom drop to linkgate foundry instance bosses (Based on aiondatabase.)
23. Updated chest

[NOTE] This week event is schedule on Sunday (19 April) at 9pm (GMT + 8 )

Stay tune for more updates!

ZexyAion Malaysia
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