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    Today's Patch Note (1 May)


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    Today's Patch Note (1 May)

    Post by Cypher on Fri May 01, 2015 11:58 am

    Below is the list for today's server patch (updated to Rev - 524).

    1. Update Abyss Rank.
    2. Updated Fortress Mobs and NPC levels & HP within Temple of Scales
    3. Updated Siege Cannons and Dux Levels in Inggy/Gelk
    4. More quest fix
    5. fix portal in Katalam, fix quests in Eltnen and chest
    6. added new missions for Levinshor and Kaldor
    7. added new zone and spawns, edit npc
    8. Updated Beritra invasion (now they fully working with correct spawn and announcement)
    9. Updated atreian passport service (need a little bit fine tuning)
    10. Added missing recipe
    11. Added katalam quest for glory points
    12. Branding/Marking players while in Group Fix
    13. Edit teleport device for danaria; edit price in trade list
    14. Updated Npc tradelist to latest version v4.7.5.12 (All prices Retail Like and Officers Shop
    got working correctly)
    15. Skill Charges according to version (now some rider skills work correctly)
    16. Updated Game-Server Revision to v4.7.5.13
    17. Little fix for instances spawns
    18. Added Levinshor quest [urgent order]. Edit npc Eremitia; Edit some quests and spawns
    19. Fixed Plastic Surgery Tickets
    20. Updated Empowered Mastarius and Veille
    21. Edit spawn npc in base and sub base Katalam, Danaria
    22. Updated FFA System
    23. Chest fix :-
    -Fixed [Event] Kahrun's Symbol Box, Added Weapon Box of the Iron Wall Fighter, Added Armor Box of the Iron Wall Fighter, Added Craft Materials (Pure Ceramium Ore, Greater Ceramium Ore, Pure Anarium, Greater Anarium, Flawless Ide, Preserved Ide, Smooth Pakira Log, Hefty Pakira Log, Succulent Plucar, Juicy Pepento, Succulent Rava, Savory Kucien, Polished Menthcrem).
    -Added Bundles (Red Cap Kobushka's Bundle, Composite Manastone Bundle)
    25. Added Weather Tables (Danuar Mysticarium, Unity Training Grounds, Legion's Danuar Mysticarium, Idgel Storage)
    26. Added NPCs Shouts
    27. wrong spawn npc in base Katalam fix
    28. Fixed Awakened Ahserion Weapon mana slot and special slot
    29. Added Crazy Daeva feature
    30. portal Katalam --> Kaldor (port into only one location)
    31. Implemented in-Game Admin Symbols
    32. altgard spawns fixed
    33. Fix quest in illuminary_obelisk (wrong npc)
    34. Finished Upgrade Arcade Event
    35. Added battleGround features (.bg command)
    36. Added level restrict for upgrade arcade (only for lvl50+)
    37. Npc in Levinshor (base spawn--> change level)
    38. Levinshor base: added ATTACKERS; edit spawn for base.
    39. Fixed Levinshor Vocoliths
    40. Added PlayerCommand for writing in chat window with Deferent Colors
    - Usage: .rgb <color> <message>
    - Only for VIP Membership

    [NOTE] Please report any issue if you encounter in this update here.

    Stay tune for more updates!

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