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Today's Patch Note (14 June)

on Sun 14 Jun 2015, 1:12 pm
Below is the list for today's server patch (updated to Rev - 730).

1. Added Mega Kinah Event
- Added Alchimist Gift Event
- Fixed Novice Event
2. Updated Events. Code Red: Atreia in effect until Upheaval (NCSOFT NA).
3. Fixed and Fully Updated .support Player Commands
Syntax: .ticket "Your Issue"
4. Fixed and Updated Tribe Relation Service that cuzed Monsters attack each other wrongly
5. Now all two way Bosses/Monsters can attack both <Ground> and <onAir> Units
from v4.7.x.x Bosses like <Destroyer's Kunax> have Two types of AutoAttack
6. Update NPC trade list
7. Updated windstreams
8. Added missing quests scripts data (Shugo Imperial Tomb & Shugo Emperor Vault)
9. Fixed AI for SnakerColors Event
10. Remove restriction for skill in neutral zone (it's seems affect normal zone too... btw, useless for 4.8

[NOTE] Please report any issue if you encounter in this update here.

Stay tune for more updates!

ZexyAion Malaysia
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