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on Fri 27 Jun 2014, 10:05 am
Since I haven't seen a guide on how to post pictures on the forums, and I see a lot of people asking how to (especially in the screenshot-challenges), I've taken the liberty of making one.

If you have direction and images for how to do this in other browsers than the once I have mentioned feel free to PM me, and i'll add it to the guide. You can also PM me if you want something else added to the guide.

This guide uses the site, wich has a nifty feature, in that it does the BBcode work for you.
I'll do a brief talk about using BBcode in general, in the end of the guide.

1: Go to

2: On the right hand side, click on "Computer"

3: Select your image and click "Open".

4: Click on "Start upload"

5: Once the upload is complete, you should have a box on the right hand side containing some links and codes

7: Copy the text from the "BBcode" field and insert it into your post.

That's it. you should be done now.

8: If you don't have the box with the BBcode, click on "Get embeded codes" just below the picture. The site will refresh and you should have the codes on the right hand side, as described in step 5.

You can ofcourse post pictures from just about any website, as long as you have the direct link to the picture.
You just need to incase the link to the picture with the IMG tags, as seen in step 5.
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