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CONGRATULATION BATMAN! [GRAND EVENT] Win A Armaggeddon Wireless Mikoyan FOXBAT-III Wireless Gaming Mouse!

on Thu 04 May 2017, 3:21 am
Assalamualaikum and hi everyone.

Congratulation "Batman" for winning Armaggeddon Wireless Mikoyan FOXBAT-III Wireless Gaming Mouse!!


Until then, all who qualify to join can prepare their equipment for tomorrow battle. (Equipment used for this event can be buy on our marketplace for free. Dinar>Page2>Free PVP)

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

The winner of this event will receive a Armaggeddon Wireless Mikoyan FOXBAT-III Wireless Gaming Mouse!!


Below is some of the rules for those who will participate in this event.

1.[Mandatory] All participant will use the same starter sets , no plume + starter wings/kahrun wings(manastone and godstone will be supplied OR you can prepare youself). Fail to follow or try to change set during event will result in disqualification.
2.This event is 1 vs 1 tournament style.
3.Every battle will have 3 round. Those who win straight 2 round will automatically qualify for the next round.
4.We will use randomizer to determine who you will fight who.
5.Winner for the First place will receive Armaggeddon Wireless Mikoyan FOXBAT-III Wireless Gaming Mouse!. Second place will receive 1 part of governor armor or weapons of your choice. Third place will receive costume of your choice. All participant who didn't make it will also receive consolation prize.

Equipment Allowed for this event,

1.Starter Set provided on Marketplace ONLY(Not Elite Guardian/Archon Commander)
2.Weapon fusion between starter pack allowed. WE WILL CHECK your fusioned weapon.
3.Wings are default, which is Kahrun Wings.
4.No Plume allowed.
5.Starter Accessories provided on Marketplace ONLY!
6.Manastone setting depends on you.
7.Godstone setting allowed.
8.DP skill allowed, however we won't supply DP restoration service.
9.Any types of skill allowed(fear,hide and etc)
10.Scrolls and foods allowed.(however a scrolls related with protective shield buff will be monitored)
11.Any types of Potions allowed.
12.Tempering +5 accessories allowed.
13. +30 equipment allowed.

For those who doesn't participate, we will have different event once this is over (Will carry forward to other date if this event takes longer than we expect.)

All of the above rules/conditions MAY change base on situation.

[UPDATE] - This Friday (17 MAY) will be the last day for those who hasn't join yet. We will pm everyone that has been qualified to give their character name (one character on the same account).

[UPDATE-2] - We have send an Email to all participant account. Please reply soon before 12.00A.M tonight!.


[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

First Place :- Batman.
Second Place :- Elemental
Third Place :- Reika

Thank you for all of you support.

- ZexyAION Team -
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