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Today Server Update [14 November 2017 @ 1.50 A.M]

on Tue 14 Nov 2017, 1:57 am
Assalamualaikum and hi everyone!

Below is today server update:-

1. Fix Fissure of Oblivion instance that makes players stuck and unable to login.
2. Added automatic system to kick player who stuck.
3. Increase enchant success chance from +1 up to +15 on all equipment.
4. Avatar of Wind - Fix Storm Surge buff that increase movement speed instead of reducing it.
5. Added crafting skills auto learn. (If not working instantly, use .skills commands. This commands might/might not work properly. Not tested yet).
6. Added Tempering Solution to drop at Illuma and Nosvold.
7. Remove learn skills notification on login.
8. Slightly increase overall drop rate.

More will come!

Thank you for all of your support.
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