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Frequently Asked Questions ZexyAION 4.9

on Sat 06 Sep 2014, 6:10 pm
Q. How to level up?
A. Our server will serve you easily with an automatic MAX level as soon you created a new char. Rest easy as we got you covered.

Q. What is the server available user commands?
A. Some list of available user commands are listed below;

.help = List of all available player commands.
.go = Instantly warp you to a farming zones locations.
.f = Faction world chat. However, due to usage abused such as provoking attempt, we disabled this feature for good.
.joinagent = Instantly warp you to Agent War at Levinshor.
.skill = Prompt to give a missingskills. However, all skills will be autolearned everytime you logged in
.drop = To check list of drops on targeted NPC.
.clean = To remove a bugged items on your Inventory/Cube
.dye = Dyes your Outfit. 100,000 Kinah will be charged per usage.
.marry = Marry system. You will need some requirement to use marry system
.cube = DISABLED due to game crash. Fix will be done when its ready.
.mystats = To view and check your accurate character stats.
.enchant = Instantly enchant your equipment to +19. Only available during this testing period.

Q. How do I earn Ceramium Medals in this server?
A. We have lots of custom feature here. Cera Medals are obtainable through quest system, Beritra Invasion System, Fortress Siege system, Agent War system and lootable via Treasure Chest on several Instances.

Q. Dual Manastone farming spot?
A.Click here for more details

Q. Where do I farm Godstone?
A.Click here for more details

Q. Where do I farm an Enchantment Stone?
A.Click here for more details

Q. What is Tempering Solution and where do I farm an Tempering Solution?
A. Tempering Solution is a enchantment, similar to regular enchantment stone but only applied to an accessories. Max enchant for tempering on accessories are +5. As for Plume, there are no CAPS to the limit. Try your luck and enchant it as high as u can though it won't be that easily. Don't force yourself, just try your best during your sparetime and and I repeat, DON'T FORCE YOURSELF! A single Plume without our controls will destroy the game mechanics and this is for the best.

Q. How about the crafting?
A. All-in-One crafting NPC are now available at Sanctum/Pandaemonium crafting area! However, designs sold in this NPC are based on older AION version 3.0 and below. You will need to farm all the new designs and new materials yourself.

Q. I've seen some user are with +30 Enchantment on their set. How to do it?
A. You can use an Omega Enchantment Stones for equipment enchant from 1 to 20. An Irridescent Omega Enchantment Stone recommended for enchantment for enchant above 21 until 30.

Q. May I know the staff list? Just in case.
A. Our official staff members are listed below;

DEVELOPER = Scarlett
GM = Cybertrons
GM = Aerie
GM = Neorism
GM = Azathoth
GM = Susu
GM = Pavilion

More info to be updated soon. Thanks

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Re: Frequently Asked Questions ZexyAION 4.9

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