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[READ] Game Rules Empty [READ] Game Rules

Sun 03 Aug 2014, 3:29 pm
I would like to clarify some points that seem vague to people at the moment. Here is a partial list of what is currently tolerated and what is completely prohibited. You will notice a lot of these have been covered by Koop already, however this is mainly aiming to provide some more depth in to the matter.

What is Tolerated

You are more than welcome to use more than one account at a time, however this must obey the rules of the ToS. This means you are not allowed to AP trade using these to accounts or use an alt account to insult a player of the opposite faction.

DPS Meters
These are currently tolerated, however any information gained from these tools will not be used as a valid claim in support tickets.

Jump Shot, Weaving, etc
These actions are tolerated within the game, however please note that you must perform these tasks without the use of bugs. Bug areas in the map for example.

What is NOT Tolerated

This is a short list of some actions that are not tolerated. Please remember if it is not listed here, this does not mean it is tolerated.

Hack Tools
Any use of an external third party program with the intention to give yourself an advantage over other players. For example, automating the gaming experience. This will result in a permanent ban placed on your account.

Abyss Point/Glory Point Exploit
Kill/AP Farming is strictly prohibited. Usage of third party software, memory editors, trainers, or debuggers any form of hacking to alter the game, which may/might not lead to an unfair advantage in game play over other players, is not allowed.
Penalty for requesting or using game hacks, and all listed above:
• Prison
• Game Account Permanent ban
• IP Ban
Donators caught cheating will also be banned without refund.

Sale/Purchase of Kinah
The sale or purchase of Kinah from any website or player where real life money or items are involved is not allowed and will result in a ban of the account.

Purchase/Exchange/Sale/Share of accounts
This is strictly prohibited by our ToS, see paragraph 6. If we discover any trace of sharing accounts, the account will be banned. We will not support players that have been caught sharing this information.

Personal Attacks
Personal attacks on /3 or any other chat function will result in punishment.

Use of bugs to gain an advantage
Any use of a bug in-game that was not intended by the developers to gain an advantage on other players is also not allowed. If you are caught using such bugs, this will also result in a ban of your account.
And example of some of these are listed here:
i)Placing a kisk off the map
ii)Using siege tank/Artilery on Warfield. It is strictly prohibited. But there are no restriction of using it on any instance/dungeon/raid purpose for now.
iii)RvR Timer: It is forbidden to disconnect and then reconnect in a fortress just after the start of the timer to gain quick access to this area.

Insults or antisocial behaviour
Insulting players/staff is not allowed in any way and will be breaching the ToS. Please be aware this will also include any racial slur, homophobic, paedophilia and any such behaviour.

Siege weapon can only be used on instance/bosses. Using it during PVP/War will result on jail for 1hour.

Please be aware that any violation of the rules stated above will cause sanctions appropriate to the violation. This may range from a warning to a permanent exclusion from the game.
NOTE! Rules will be update from time to time if needed
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