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Today's Update (30 October)

on Thu 30 Oct 2014, 6:31 am
Below is the list for today's server update.

1. Another possible fix for Sauro Supply base Bonus boss portal.
2. Reverting Kamar Battlefield to Terath Dredgion.
3. Readded custom drops on Terath Dredgion final boss.
4. Terath Dredgion instance note :-
- Faction vs Faction in team
-The key to success in this instance is to increase you points higher than other faction.
-You will earn points by killing mobs, other factions, or Surkana.
-At Barracks area in this dredgion will have a generator and mini boss. Once you have kill/destroy them, a portal will
spawn at starting points of this instance. This will give you an easy access to Captain Anusa chamber in case you die.
-Captain Anusa will appear once you destroy atleast 5 sukana.
-In order to win, each faction need to fight their way to kill Captain Anusa.
-When Captain Anusa is dead, faction with a higher points will stay while others will be teleport back to starting point.
-Winning faction will have the opportunity to loot the items from Captain Anusa for 3 minutes.
-You will receive your AP reward after 3 minutes time has passed. You'll lose your reward if you leave early.
-Once the credits screen appear, all daeva will safely move back to tiamaranta.


More update is coming. Stay tune and thank you for all of your continuous support.
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