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[MINI EVENT|WEEKLY] The Stalker Assassination Empty [MINI EVENT|WEEKLY] The Stalker Assassination

Sun 31 Aug 2014, 7:05 pm
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The Stalker is an ominous, vengeful figure that infrequently appears anytime, armed with powerful weapons and abilities to hunt down Daeva that have been marked for assassination. The Stalker is capable of dealing damage at a rate comparable to a well-equipped Daeva; he can destroy an entire group if they are caught unprepared.

As the Stalker targets only one Daevas at a time, it is advised to be prepared, you might be the target. When the Stalker appears, you can quickly engage and battle.  If the targeted Daeva chooses to run away, it will be counted as a loser.

- A GM's will announce a message and taunting the targeted player.
- A random player will be marked(please refer to GM's announcement).
- Always be prepared when you are marked for Assassination.
- Defend yourself and try your very best to kill the Stalker, as the Stalker are very Highly-Skilled player.
- Take caution! If you lose the fight, you will get nothing! BUT if you do win the battle, we will give you something in exchange for winning the fight.

- The Stalker are well prepared with PVP-Sets.
- The Stalker will have a Shadow Walk skill ready before the fights begin.
- The Stalker are very capable of destroying you Daevas.
- The Stalker are equipped with Wing of Circle Level 2
- The Stalker only search for SOLO player. If you're in group or there are any players nearby, stalkers will withdraw from the battle.
- Any interruption from other players will result a free win to the Stalker.
- You cannot run from the battle. If you wish to run, the fight will be canceled, and we will mark another player.

- A random weapon skin as requested by players.
- 100(pcs) <[Event] Premium Recovery Serum>
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