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Today's Patch Note (13 March)

on Fri 13 Mar 2015, 9:20 pm
Below is the list for today's server patch.

1. Aethertech Hypergate skill fixed
2. Updated pets
3. Fixed Quest (Elyos Campaign)
4. Updated Drops in Levinshor
5. Updated Infinity Shard Instance & Katalam/Danaria Camps
6. Added Item Ancestor's Relic for Bosses + Other Drop Items
7. Better check for anti cheat in trade
8. Updated NPCs
9. Plumes/Weps Glow reworked
-+0~+4 it will hav just the metal part of the plume (white colored)
+5~+9 it will be with feather
+10 and higher it will have feathers with the glow ..

+15 weps will hav red colored glow ,
+20 ++ will hav purple .

10. Full Implemented Multi Return Scrolls
11. Fixed & Added Many NPCs
12. Some quest fixed (missing teleports)

Stay tune for more updates!

ZexyAion Malaysia
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