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Today Server Update [10 November 2017 @ 6.37 P.M]

on Fri 10 Nov 2017, 6:52 am
Assalamualaikum and hi everyone!

Below is today server update:-

1. Fissure of Oblivion fix
- Added mobs and boss missing buff type.(Use correct elements of avatar to deals more damage)
- Fix unable to glide while you are transform in this instance. (Apply to normal Transformation too)
- Change this instance entry from 1 per day to 9999.
- Added additional rewards depends on Rank. (Irridescent Omega Enchantment Stone)
- Added a chance to obtain (Enchantment Stone of the Empyrean Lord) as a reward base on rank.
This enchantment stone will only drop your equipment enchant level by 1 if fail. This effect also works on archdaeva equipment.
2. Increase global drop rate.

More will come!

Thank you for all of your support.
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